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The Zealotry of The Doctor


  • The Zealotry of The Doctor

    Have you ever heard of the Zeal of the ConvertDoctor Who?

    The First Doctor, Barbara, Ian, and SusanClassic Doctor Who, particularly episodes of the very first serial will recall a very different Doctor. Originally, the First DoctorIan Chesterton and Barbara WrightAn Unearthly Child,Susan ForemanPolice BoxDoctor: Murderer?theirThe AztecsThe Sensorites, we see the first glimpses of him as the Protector of Humanity when he tries to save Captain Maitland and his crew from the telepathic Sensorites.

    The Doctor has continued to evolve throughout his different incarnations, but in his very first we see how he transitioned from a Time Lord view on morality to something that a human might find admirable. He is still a long way from The Oncoming Storm that began with the Ninth Doctor at this point, but his faith was only growing. Today, more than fifty years after we first see William Hartnell


    Doctor Who Season 1
    • An Unearthly Child (Episodes 1-4)
    • The Daleks (Episodes 5-11)
    • The Aztecs (Episodes 27-30)

    • Blake M. Petit
      Blake M. Petit commented
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      Admittedly, I haven't seen a lot of Classic Who, but I like this interpretation of the character. It even fits in a bit with some of the ways the Tennant through Capaldi Doctors struggled to find themselves. Capaldi in particular seemed compelled to define himself.

    • Craig Reade
      Craig Reade commented
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      Capaldi did a really good job bring the "alien" back to the character. Matt Smith was ok at this, but he ended up being just a little awkward, as opposed to alien.

      I think that is one thing I really liked about the Classic Series more than the Modern - the evolving Doctor. Sure, we get different base personalities, but at the end of the day, all of the stories end up being the crusading Doctor saving humanity. Watching the Doctor evolve from the crotchety, selfish First Doctor to the highly manipulative Seventh is a lot of fun. Not that it wasn't hard to get caught up, but I found it worth it.
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