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    Now, let's talk about some things we love.

    4-Color Process Example from Captain America (October 1976)You know that feeling you get right before you move in to a new house? That's kind of like what I am feeling now. The house is shiny and new and full of possibility. You just haven't moved any of your stuff in yet. That's kind of the state this site is in right now - full of possibility, but since it is brand new, it isn't quite home yet.

    To give you an idea of what you can expect in the coming days and weeks, (or Forged by 4 Colors, if you like) will become a place where you can read about a whole host of things related to could be called 4-Color Culture that we enjoy, and that we think you will enjoy too.

    The 4 Colors in our name refers to the 4 Color Process (also called process color printing). This printing process became synonymous with classic comic books that were printed on inexpensive newsprint. For those of us who have grown up or lived for a long time enjoying those 4-color classics (and their modern descendants), we can very much claim to have been Forged by 4 Colors. Those stories shaped us, fired our imaginations, and fed our love for all sorts of literature and visual arts. It has become very much a part of who we are, and I suspect that since you are here, you are very much the same way.

    Of course, not all of 4-Color Culture has its roots in comic books, nor will comic books be the main focus of this site. To us, 4-Color culture embodies a love of anything that could be deemed "geeky" - not just comic books, but video games, science fiction, fantasy, and horror, literature, movies and television, and even professional wrestling. If you can geek out about it, it probably has a place here.

    We also want to emphasis the word love. The modern internet has become a dark place and disturbingly, fans seem to write more about the things they hate than the things they actually like. New comic issues will be ripped to shreds for every story-error or perceived artistic defect. Television episodes will be decimated over continuity or casting choices. Books are too long, and video games are too short. Being a fan has come to mean talking about how much you hate something.

    Honestly? I get it. it is so easy to do. I've done it, and it probably wouldn't be a stretch to suggest that everyone else who reads this has done the same thing. When you are passionate about something, you set your expectations very high, and it is tough sometimes to just sit back and enjoy. You love it, so you want to explore every little piece of it. And those things that don't quite match up to your expectations become the subject of scorn.

    Well, that is what we are going to do here. is going to feature articles written by people who identify with 4-Color Culture from a positive perspective. We are going to share with you the things we love, and why we love them. If we don't like it - we just aren't going to talk about it. We think it's about time that people had somewhere to go to discover all of the great things about 4-Color Culture and not see it torn down, and so we are building one. If we do review something, we are going to tell you about why we think you will enjoy it - not give it a rating and explain why it was less than perfect. We invite you to visit our discussion forums and talk about the things you love as well - and join us in being fans instead of critics, For a change.

    In a couple of weeks, when we are all moved-into this new house, I think you will find exactly what you are looking for as a fan - somewhere you can share your love for what you are a fan of, and relax knowing that there is no pressure, no demands that you prove your knowledge by pointing out everything that is wrong, and no one screaming that the sky is falling because one minor detail doesn't fit into continuity. Home.

    This place does look pretty empty right now. Mind helping us unpack?

    • estee_tabernac
      estee_tabernac commented
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      I'll bring the beer and snacks to help celebrate the new digs, but yeah, after you unpack.

    • Craig Reade
      Craig Reade commented
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      We are mostly unpacked now! Welcome here.
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