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Avengers #1: It's Been a While


  • Avengers #1: It's Been a While

    Avengers (2018) #1

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    For a few pages, Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinnessAvengers #1 tasted wonderfully familiar.

    Avengers #690mea culpa

    I have a particular fondness for such scenes.

    Infinity War

    This is like the beginning of most Avengers eras, in truth: a threat rears its head, different heroes independently answer the call and you know, by the time it ends, a new roster will be forged. What makes this stronger than many of the other such relaunches over the past few years is that the team itself has a very classic Avengers feel to it. Aside from the aforementioned characters, the cover reveals that longtime members Captain Marvel and She-Hulk will be joining the fold, along with the oddball choice of Ghost Rider. But an oddball choice or two is fineexpected

    McGuinness and Mark Morales

    Avengers comic I wanted to read.

    I really like getting to say that again.

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