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Three Wishes: What We Want in Avengers 4


  • Three Wishes: What We Want in Avengers 4

    Avengers: Infinity WarIn Three Wishes, we take a look at something in pop culture and express three hopes for the future, whether those wishes are almost inevitable or pie-in-the-sky dreams.

    Spoiler Warning: This article contains all manner of spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War

    In the run-up to Avengers: Infinity War, more than one person called it the Empire Strikes Back of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As it turned out, in terms of consequences, it made Empire look like Benji

    Black Panther 2,Spider-Man (Homecoming) 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy 3 in the works, it seems safe to assume that most of these deaths will be somehow reversed, but even so, this has cleared the playing field considerably going into the yet-untitled Avengers 4.

    Civil War: Captain America Vs. Iron Man1. Avengers Assembled: One thing we did not see in Infinity War was a reunion of the Avengers who split during Captain America: Civil War. For most of the film we saw three or four groups of heroes each dealing with the threat of Thanos on their own, and although some of those groups merged or intersected with one another, there are two notable heroes who never shared the screen: Iron Man and Captain America. One of the reasons the Civil War story worked so well is because the Russo brothers (who also directed Infinity War) succeeded in convincing us that both heroes had legitimate a point in their disagreement. Neither was made into a villain, which made their schism far more impactful. But for this character arc to be complete, we need to see this friendship healed.

    Iron Man movie in 2008, and it will more than likely end with the (definitive) death of at least one of those heroes. Before that happens, I need to see Tony Stark and Steve Rogers forgive each other. I need to see Tony give Steve his real shield back. And dammit, I need to see Captain America finally raise that shield and cry,

    She-Hulk2. The Next Generation: Besides the absent Hawkeye, we know Avengers 4Infinity War Dark Nights: Metal Sideways and The Terrifics. The original Civil War comic spun dozens of characters into Avengers: The Initiative. Even the original crossover event, Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, gave us a new Spider-Woman.

    So where are the new heroes? With so many Avengers gone, this is a prime time to add more. Before Infinity War opened, we were told, Thanos destroyed the Nova Corps of Xandar to gain the Power Stone. If only -- before their final member died -- they managed to send their power into space, where it may somehow find its way to a young Earthling named Richard Rider. With Asgard so thoroughly devastated, might not the gods of another pantheon protect themselves from a similar attack by sending out the Lion of Olympus, Hercules? And with Bruce Banner clearly traumatized, he needs help. Why not take this opportunity to reach out to the only family he has left: his cousin, Jennifer Walters?

    Infinity War

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: It's All Connected3. TV Heroes Unite. When the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Captain America: The Winter Soldier Daredevil

    If Marvel Studios wants to maintain the notion that the TV and movie realms coincide, the events of Infinity War and Infinity Gauntlet

    How likely is this? A couple of months ago, I would have said it was almost a zero percent chance, but lately there has been a ray of hope with the announcement that Clark Gregg is going to reprise his role of Agent Phil Coulson in the Captain MarvelAvengers is
    Blake M. Petit, Agent of S.N.O.O.Z.E., has been pontificating about pop culture online for over a decade. You can follow him at and, if you're feeling generous, check out his books on Amazon.

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      There seems to have been major fallouts between JEPH Loeb/ike Perlmutters Marvel TV and Kevin Feiges Marvel studios for a while but Agents of Shield have started to loosely link In to infinity war with a reference to "weird stuff in New York" last week and a full on name drop of Thanos as an impending threat to catalyse the full on power up of Gravitalbot. I genuinely think they may end the season with the finger snap.

    • Blake M. Petit
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      Honestly, I need to catch up on AOS. The Inhumans stuff just totally killed my interest in the show. Once school lets out for the summer, maybe I'll binge. (Is it still on Netflix?)

    • Craig Reade
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      I kind of enjoyed the Inhumans stuff. Granted, they did need a little time to find their way with it, but they did.

      Silly that they just couldn't do mutants, but that isn't the show's fault...
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