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  • Hi, I'm new!

    Well, I am the least-new person on this site, but we are all still new. And the Introductions forum needs a post!

    We are building a community here, and introductions are a big part of that! Hopefully, each of you will post an introduction thread as you join the site. As far as I go:

    My name is Craig (hi Craig), and while I am not as passionate about comic books themselves as I once was, I still very much enjoy sci-fi, video games, and books. I love The Orville, slowly came around to Star Trek: Discovery (yes, I like both), and still haven't seen Infinity War. I blame my son for that one.

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    I'm Blake -- English teacher by day, sleeping person by night. I also write (I've got a few books out there), and I love pontificating about comics, movies, and television.

    Eventually, if my 8-month-old son allows me to schedule it, I hope to pull my podcast, All-New Showcase, out of hiatus.


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