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    Over the last few years, I've rediscovered a love for Lego. In addition to scratching my nerdy collecting vibe, I also find building them to be a nice way to relax. I think it's like all those adult coloring books they print these days. You get to be creative and have the fun of making something without having to expend TOO much mental energy on the process. Plus, at the end you've got something that you can look at and say, "Hey, I made this."

    Like everything else, I haven't been able to build as often since the baby was born, but I'm anxiously awaiting the day he's old enough to buy his first Duplo set.

    Here's one of my favorite builds: the Lego Wall-E.

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    I got into Lego a few years ago when they got the TMNT license; also picked up several Mech sets; mostly Ninjago, but also a Luthor mech.

    I followed the TMNT over to Mega Bloks/Mega Construx, and recently bought the Technodrome set. No clue when I'm gonna get around to it, but it'll likely be plennnnnty of time in the building, which will mean plenty of podcast and audiobook-listening time for me.

    Love that Wall-E...very cool!


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      I was really surprised when Mega Bloks got the TMNT license away from Lego. I'm kind of an elitist about these things, I have to admit -- how do those sets stack up?


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        Today, my friends, we are one step closer to a Lego Satellite of Love that will sit in a box until my son is old enough that I'm not worried he'll choke to death on Tom Servo.

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