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Big Finish Sale on 8th Doctor

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  • Big Finish Sale on 8th Doctor

    I know there are some Doctor Who fans who haven't had the opportunity to give Big Finish a try. This is a good opportunity. Even if you never watched the classic series, I think you all saw the Movie - and the 8th Doctor's audio adventures have been fantastic. As an introduction:

    If you saw The Night of the Doctor, in his "farewell toast," The Doctor mentions Charley, C'Rizz, Lucie, Tamsin, & Molly. Well, those are his Big Finish companions. Dive right in and check out Charley Pollard, and I think you will be hooked.

    Here's the link to the article talking about the 50% off sale:

    To make things easy, check this link out:

    Those are the "Main Range" 8th Doctor stories, 16-19 & 28-33. If you use the discount code EIGHT50, you will get 50% off. That's about 20 hours of entertainment for $15.

    I strongly recommend it. I am still making my way through the hundreds of Big Finish Doctor Who audios - they make for great commute listening. And, as it turns out, 8 would have made a pretty damned good Doctor.

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    I've got dozens of hours of a Magic: The Gathering podcast/audiobook series, half a dozen Dresden Files audiobooks, and some assorted odds 'n ends... and now I'm gonna have to look at adding these to the queue...


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      Well, a little variety is good!


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