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  • Anyone play HQ?

    If you don't know, HQ is a "mobile gameshow." At 3 and 9pm EST every weekday (evenings only on the weekends, plus occasional random surprise games), they run a live trivia broadcast through their app. If you answer all of the questions right, you get a share of the prize money.

    Been playing for a few weeks, and it is good fun. My wife and I won for the first time last night, which was cool - though we only won $1.37. But still - about a million people were playing, and being one of 3,700 to make it to the end was pretty cool.

    If you want to try it - you can get the app in the store, or go to . If you use my username as the code (deadpool809), I get an extra life. Only if you want though!

    Anyone else play? Ever win?

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    I got into it a few weeks ago. It's fun, but man, it makes me miss the Krypton challenge. Before SyFy's Krypton series launched, they pretty much ripped off the HQ format for a 10-day game, except instead of winners sharing the pot, there was a tiebreaker for whoever answered the fastest. I never came in first place, but out of the ten nights, I won five runner-up prize packages. It figures my most marketable skill would be Superman trivia.


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      I'll bet if HQ can prove profitability, we are going to see more trivia-type shows like this. Maybe it will come back!

      I would do terrible at Superman trivia.


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        I missed out on the Superman trivia. I think that, or TMNT, would be my trivia topics of choice.

        Always interesting to see the patterns and cycles in pop culture, where one success breeds many similar things, some of which get similar success, or perhaps even greater success. (Alas, I can't think of any concrete examples off the top of my head at the moment).


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          Avengers ---> Justice League movie comes to mind as an example of that.


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            If you haven't checked into HQ in a while, this may be the time to come back. Tonight's jackpot was $100,000, and they're going to add another hundred grand each night of the NBA finals. So the night of game two will be $200,000, game three will be $300,000, and so on.


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              I played tonight - got eliminated by answering correctly at the last second. I guess it didn't register my pick. Happens every now and again...

              Shame too. I was on a roll.

              Since they do the Friends Friday thing - I guess we should post our usernames. Deadpool809 here - feel free to add me.


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                Good call. I'm BlakeMP.

                Sooooooo creative.


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                    I may have to look into this thing...


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                      It's fun.

                      When the damn app doesn't glitch and you don't get the answer choices.


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