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Norm Breyfogle's passed away :-(

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  • Blake M. Petit
    He was THE Batman artist back in the day, and Prime was easily the best of the Ultraverse line. This really was heartbreaking news.

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  • Walt Kneeland
    started a topic Norm Breyfogle's passed away :-(

    Norm Breyfogle's passed away :-(

    Norm Breyfogle's passed away.

    I saw a post from Tom Mason; went to google to corroborate and found loads of stuff already out there about his passing.

    Breyfogle was the artist on Detective Comics when Mom bought me my first comics ('Tec 604 and Batman 439, Superman 31 and Adventures of Superman 453).

    I got to meet him (briefly) at a convention here in Ohio back in 2012; got a copy of that Detective issue signed (haven't been able to find my original-original copy), a couple of Prime issues (#1 and #11, two "key" issues to me growing up), and the Prime Time TPB (Prime 1-4).

    Sad news.

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