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    Hey! Im trying to find ComixFan's message board they used to have called 'Who Watches The Watchers?'. A forum for Marvel Handbooks and basically turned into a database for alot of Handbook knowledge. Im trying to track it down if it still exists OR if an archived version of the most recent one.... or anything. I saw some things point it used to be here? is that true? I can find snap shots of the 'Who Watches The Watchers?' but cant find anything yet that allows me to read the actual threads. Trying to put together a collection of handbooks and was hoping to use it! appreciate annny help at alll! thank you -Jason

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    Yeah, unfortunately those archives are no more ... some of the old ComixFan guys probably kept copies, but I don't have them. I would recommend checking out the Wayback Machine/Internet Archive ... some old snaps might exist there!


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