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    Anyone else pick this one up? The Tom King Batman story is still embedded into my brain -- that panel (you know which one) of the Joker is twisting my mind.

    The other two stories were a'ight.

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    Loved it all. Pretty good introductions to everything for 25 American cents.

    The shop actually went and got itself a store variant... had to order 5,000 copies to do it, but it keeps in line with what we want to do as a comic shop. Now we have something we can give to each folks when we're out and about - things to send to libraries (which seem to be mostly okay with the content) and some schools (which we've run the content by) and get a great ad on the back out of it!

    But coming back to it, just from a story stand point, I'm excited and/or intrigued to read all three stories out that come out of this. That's a win.


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      I think I bought 12 copies of a store exclusive version (featuring their shop-cat), to make sure to have at least one I can hang, as well as for several friends who like cats. And I splurged and bought a 1:100 variant that was a whopping $3. Not something I would at all do for a full-priced issue, but for a 25-cent issue, much more willing. And that the custom cover was the back made me extra-ok with it.

      I fell asleep reading the Justice League part...and haven't gone back to finish it. (Yet).


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