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Diamond wants spinner racks everywhere

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  • Diamond wants spinner racks everywhere

    Diamond and pretty much all of the major publishers are teaming up to try to convince comic shops to set up spinner racks in other local businesses. You know what? This is actually a really good idea. Anything that gets comic books in places more people can see them is good by me. I'm usually very critical of Diamond, but I have to give credit when they deserve it.

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    It isn't a terrible idea. Of course, breaking the Diamond distribution monopoly would go farther towards making comics more universally available...

    Well, that's just a silly idea.

    Hey! Look at all of the ads for spinner racks on the bottom of the page!


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      Originally posted by Craig Reade View Post
      Hey! Look at all of the ads for spinner racks on the bottom of the page!
      Google scares the hell out of me.

      And yeah, I agree that the Diamond monopoly is terrible for comics.


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        Well, in fairness, that is how those ads work - Amazon scans the page and picks what it thinks are appropriate products. Why not spinner racks?


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          Well sure.

          It's just creepy is all.


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            Then there's the Walmart thing:


            As to the comments in the BC threads...

            I figure the "new, original stories" will be essentially like the "cereal comics" we've gotten over the last few years--sure, they might be written by the "big name" creators, but I don't expect they'll have any story-bearing on actual continuity...though they might visually relate with current costume designs and such.

            And other than profit/margins, I don't see why comic shops wouldn't be able to themselves go to Walmart and buy some, and then put them out for sale.

            I think these look very cool, and look forward to them. For what I'm already spending on groceries, I can justify adding $5 on top of that for one of these (and in a pinch, choose a comic over say, a carton of ice cream of a case of pop or some other unhealthy-ish thing). And I'd be less inclined to buy these at the comic shop when I'm already buying loads of other stuff, anyway; I don't see this as Walmart taking any business away from the LCS.

            I'm not sure what sort of deals folks have to make with Walmart to have Redbox housed in the store. Or those vending machines with the cereal-box toys and such.

            And Walmart lets direct-tv and other service providers set up in main aisles and harass customers. So, perhaps they'd be amenable to a comic shop putting one of the Diamond spinner racks in somewhere, and then as part of whatever agreement, maybe let them rack these anthologies on it--that could potentially be win-win?


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              I think the Walmart thing is great -- anything that gets comics in front of new readers is a good thing. I took Diamond's "spinner rack" plan to be something at smaller businesses, though.


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                I imagine that's the intent of the spinners, but it'd be interesting to see if it HAS TO be smaller businesses.

                I'd LIKE to think that if Walmart's gonna allow the outside salespeople to harass their customers, they'd allow a shop to set up a spinner rack to sell some comics.

                (Though other logistical things--such as theft--could come into play, as a smaller business probably already has stuff in place compatible with their store, whereas outside of sticking permanent anti-theft devices onto/into single issues, there's not much to be done to actual comics).


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                  I think the Walmart idea is great - but I think they are going too expensive and too big. Smaller reprints and short stories for $3 would be much better. Put them on the shitty newsprint, give them 50 pages, and do a self contained story and an older reprint. Hell, put ads in there to boot. If they want to recreate the classic, non-collector comic experience, they need to go all the way with it.


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                    I think the idea here is more to emulate the sort of Japanese phone book anthologies. It's not AS but, obviously, but a lot of the kids that may be receptive to this are already pretty used to that first.


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