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  • Westworld.

    So anyone following this series?

    Season Two was very meta. It was all about identity and what makes humanity human. Which seems to be a hot topic these days.

    Your thoughts before I regale you with mine?

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    Westworld is one that I have opted to binge-watch. I watched Season One straight through and really enjoyed the hell out of it. Waiting until the season ends to jump into Season 2.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts though. The one common thing I have heard about this season is that they are trying to be too smart for their own good, which is hurting the story. I've definitely seen that happen in other shows before, so it wouldn't surprise me - but I am hoping that's just a cynical fan reaction.

    I don't care about Spoilers, and we don't have a real policy about it ... so just use the spoiler tag on anything you think is sensitive!


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      The story jumped back and forth in time, which was a bit jarring. The writers tried I think to throw too much plot in only 10 episodes, which made things overly complicated and weighed the series down. But it all came together at the end. The final three episodes were by far the best.

      The acting was well done, everyone had a lot chew on.

      I liked how Delores was transformed from wholesome farm girl into the Death-bringer and wants to kill all the humans. Charlotte wants to kill all the hosts. Maeve, simply wants her freedom away from humanity. Bernard wants peace for everyone. That's essentially all that happens in the series. And no one really succeeded in their aims. The one thing I never could understand was Ed Harris' purpose. But that was revealed after the final episodes credits. It was a clever twist and made perfect sense.


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        I'm glad to hear it wasn't a disaster. Hell, I'm glad to hear the season is over, so now I can start watching it!

        Perhaps I'll have something to post about in the next couple weeks once I get to it...


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