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    In the wake of Steve Ditko's recent passing, I watched In Search of Steve Ditko, a BBC documentary about his career and history. It's fairly comprehensive, and fun to watch. The best part is the interview with Stan Lee, where he tells his version of the relationship between the two. While this probably won't settle any fan arguments, I think it's a very fair look at the subject. It's too bad Ditko himself never went on the record.

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      We watched COCO. Another Pixar tearjerker. Maybe it's no INSIDE OUT but I liked it a lot.


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        Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders.

        This movie. Man.

        It's fun that they brought the cast of the '66 TV show back for some animatd films. It's a fun way to extend a franchise. And I'm even willing to accept the ridiculous, over-the top plot (like the TV dinner deathtrap) and tongue in cheek humor as being consistent with the show. The problem is the voices. West and Ward play the same characters as they did 50 years ago, but they both sound like old men. It's hard to accept a "Boy" Wonder who sounds like somebody's grandpa.

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          Originally posted by Craig Reade View Post
          Saw Incredibles 2 last night (well, afternoon). It didn't disappoint. I nominate the brawl between Jack Jack and the raccoon to be considered for superhero fight of the year... quite epic!
          Elastic girl is a MILF There I said what everyone is thinking.


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            Originally posted by estee_tabernac View Post

            Elastic girl is a MILF There I said what everyone is thinking.
            Not sure that is what I was thinking, but then again - any woman that can stretch like that is not one to say no to...


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              The Death of Superman animated film was great. Adapting the story to fit the characters as they exist in the Post-Flashpoint DC Animated Universe isn't hard, and adds somewhat more poignancy. As much as I loved the original storyline, seeing Doomsday throwing down with Wonder Woman and the Flash makes him seem a lot more menacing than Blue Beetle or Booster Gold. The film doesn't rush through the story either -- it's paced nicely and ends on a dandy cliffhanger. Even the slower beats from the comic, such as Bibbo Bibbowski's recitation of a Hail Mary, carries a strong emotional punch.

              And Rainn Wilson as Lex Luthor? Assistant to the Legion of Doom no more. He rocks.

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                Ditto--same last movie watched.

                And similar sentiments. I enjoyed it in and of itself; noticed the obvious changes and such for fitting the animated universe.

                Bibbo's piece always gets me. (seems like one of THE key "moments" that are the entire point OF having a "death of Superman" story at all.


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                  I finally saw Ant Man and The Wasp - and enjoyed it very much. As expected.

                  Though, they couldn't have dropped a much more obvious hint that a time-displaced Ant Man will be in Captain Marvel, but that's probably fine...


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