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  • The Orville Season 2

    Looks like Fox announced that it will premier on December 30th. Way too far away, but that's better than CANCELLED, so I'll take it!

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    I was surprised at how good that show was, especially later in the season.


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      Not being a Seth McFarlane fan, I'm shocked at how much I liked this. I don't think it was ever in real danger, though. Fox wanted to extend the first season, but McFarlane was too busy to make the back nine.


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        I found Seth McFarlane funny - but in small doses. I'd watch Family Guy, get a few laughs, then shut it off after 10 minutes. I was worried about whether I would enjoy The Orville or not, but I am so happy I gave it a shot.

        It IS The Next Generation, with a little slapstick. I haven't laughed as hard at a TV show in a long time. The scene where Gordon's leg falls out of the ceiling had me on the floor.

        I love the show. If short seasons means more quality content, I am all for them.


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          Yeah my only complaint with the short season is it can make the gap feel longer.


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            True enough. Of course, since it IS longer, that's not a total surprise!

            As far behind as I am on TV though, maybe putting it off is a good thing.


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              I kinda like that American TV is drifting closer to the British model: shorter, more focused seasons, fewer filler episodes, and more of a willingness to wait until a new season is ready instead of rushing it out the door.


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                I used to have mixed feelings about that - but as time has gone on, I find I do much prefer quality to quantity. Though, when they do a short season and it really isn't that good I just get irritated.


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                  True, but you'd get irritated for a long season that wasn't any good too.


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                    I have yet to watch the Orville...though it's on my radar. I only just tonight started Black Lightning (though I'm already 3-4 episodes in on that). From all the good word on it, I'm looking forward to it hopefully grabbing me once I do start it! (and I'll blame this thread for pushing me over the fence on it with everyone speaking so highly of it here).

                    I definitely like the shorter/focused seasons and getting the whole season in one go. Not a fan of the "mid-season finale" and breaks (though I understand why they're done).

                    That's how I lost track of Arrow initially--I watched the first half of season 1, but then the gap from November til whenever it came back, I was out of the habit completely of watching it, and never have gotten back to regularly watching it.

                    I like to binge-watch stuff, and the last couple years of my life have really pushed me into that being the best way to watch stuff. I think for the 2017-2018 'season' the only thing I managed to keep up with was Big Bang Theory, and that was primarily 4-5 "mini-binges" followed by however many weeks of not seeing it.


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                      The "mid season finale" isn't really a new thing, shows have had a hiatus around the holidays for decades. It's only that they've just recently started making a big deal out of it.


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                        That much is true - but then, the length of the breaks has been getting longer I think. And I don't remember there being as much focus on a cliffhanger or finale-style episode prior to the break... it was just stopping for a few weeks.

                        These days, they are almost mini-seasons.


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