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Doctor Who: Unpopular opinion?

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  • Doctor Who: Unpopular opinion?

    I've realized that Tom Baker is my LEAST favorite Doctor. I was listening to a Fourth Doctor Adventures audio drama, and it was good - very like the TV show, but damned if too much "Tom Baker" doesn't come through with his Doctor.

    I am kind of shocked at the realization. Usually, the idea of my favorite Doctor is a difficult call. But I can honestly say I enjoyed every other Doctor more than him. I still don't understand why he is widely considered to be the best ever...

    My favorite? A toss-up between Matt Smith and Jon Pertwee.

    What about you?

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    I think I'd have to go with Capaldi...though Smith, Tennant, and Eccleston are close follow-ups. I got in the spring before the 50th anniversary (so...about 5 years ago?) and binged the first 7 series of the "modern Who" era. I think in part there was something about getting back to an "older" Doctor, as well as "being there" and aware and conscious OF a change-over to a new Doctor, as well as rooting for the underdog trying to give his Doctor a chance when it seemed everyone else was pooh-poohing the change.

    That said, I was disappointed with the start of his run, but it grew on me.

    Unfortunately, with the various delays/hiatus/whatever, I "lost track" of the show, and have yet to see any of the most recent series (10, I believe?)


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      I really enjoyed Peter Capaldi. There are a few parts of his run that I think are best forgotten (sonic shades?!?!), but one he settled into his eccentric professor with an electric guitar role, he really shined.

      The most disappointing part of his run can all be put on Moffat's shoulders, sorry to say. That, and he had possibly the worst primary companion in the Modern Who era. Bill and Nardole were pretty outstanding, on the other hand...


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