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What shows should you have watched sooner?

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  • What shows should you have watched sooner?

    When Bob's Burgers first came out, I watched a couple of episodes and didn't care for it. Then, I married someone who likes it. Watching the show with Erin, it started to grow on me until it became one of my favorites. Hell, most nights we put it on as we go to sleep.

    What are some TV shows you dismissed early, but grew to enjoy later?

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    Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. (granted, the "later" was the Green Ranger Saga, "Green With Evil," still part of the first season)

    Highlander: The Series. (came in during season 5)

    CSI and CSI Miami.

    Firefly. (saw Serenity with some friends, then eventually went back and watched Firefly)

    Buffy (offhand, first major Netflix binge-watch...2011ish?)

    Blue Bloods. (came in during the latter part of the 2nd season or early 3rd)

    Doctor Who. (2013, binged Eccleston, Tennant, and Smith and was caught up on "New Who" 5-6 months before the 50th anniversary)

    I'm sure I could think of some others, given more time or memory-triggers...but those are main highlights offhand!


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      Breaking Bad, Buffy, Supernatural, Rick and Morty... I'm sure there's more I can't think of


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        Originally posted by HarleyQuinn View Post
        Breaking Bad, Buffy, Supernatural, Rick and Morty... I'm sure there's more I can't think of
        Breaking Bad's one I forgot.

        And Sons of Anarchy.


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          I mean, I guess I wasn't old enough to watch it when it aired, but that was a damned good show.

          Honestly, I don't mind coming to shows late. Binge watching is way more satisfying than having to wait week after week. (and Season breaks? man!)

          Though, I am the type of person that will wait 30 minutes into a show to start watching it from the beginning - just so I can fast forward through commercials.


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            Soap WAS good. I used to watch the long blocks that Comedy Central used to air.


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              I think I was lucky with Soap. I never saw a single episode until a couple years ago, and I got to watch it for the first time in order, straight through.

              I miss the days when "edgy" wasn't replaced with "politically nasty." I don't think a show like that could exist today.


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