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Comixtreme to CX to this?

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  • Comixtreme to CX to this?

    Hey guys,

    I used to be active on around 2005. I got super busy with life for a long time and recently tried to find it. Internet searches were making me think I was crazy and couldn't remember the site's name.

    Then I found this:
    I clicked the link to CX, which brought me here.

    Can someone please give me a run down on what's happened over the past 15 years?
    1. What happened to Comixtreme? Was it really just sort of a lapse in domain name?
    2. Did the community pretty much all move over to CX? How would they have known to do so?
    3. What happened to CX?
    4. When / why did this "Forgedby4" come to be?
    5. Maybe Comixtreme wasn't actually the origin and this has been happening since before my time? Was Coimxtreme a link in the chain of these transitions and not actually the first?

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    This is definitely a Craig question.

    The short answer, though, is that a few months ago he rounded up some writers, including several former CX staff, to join in this new enterprise. Poke around! Welcome! Join in! Hope you like it!


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      Reimiw -

      Glad you came to check out the site!

      1. Basically, Comixtreme faded away. There was a domain name lapse when Ken Baugh (of X-World) up and vanished on us, retaining ownership of the domain name until it lapsed and was scooped up by a domain squatter. We became cxPulp for a while, but with Facebook on the rise, web forums like ours slowly started to die.

      2. What community we had at the time did move over, but as people faded away, new people were not registering.

      3. As I mentioned, cx faded away. Few people were active at the end, so we decided to close up shop.

      4. A few of us missed CX, and wanted to ressurect it in some way. We knew it wouldn't be the same (because the internet is a different place now and we are all older), but Forgedby4 started up to kind of retain a home for those of us who wanted to do something.

      5. As far as the origin of Comixtreme... that is before my time. I believe Comixtreme used to be merged with a site that eventually became X-Fan, though I don't know if X-Fan or came first. But that was a long, long time ago.

      Anyway - if you used to be on Comixtreme, this is probably the best place to land!


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        Thanks for all the answers Craig and Blake. Looks like this is a common theme around the internet. The 2000's were the glory days for internet forums and I didn't even realize it. Reddit seems to be a one-stop-shop at this point.

        I'll poke around here a bit. You guys might appreciate this post I saved from Comixtreme back in the day. It got a decent amount of responses and I edited the gathered data into the OP. I'm posting it verbatim. It's interesting snapshot into a world where most people didn't know who the avengers were.

        I wonder, who do you think the first 10 comic book characters are that come to the minds of people who don't read comics?

        I think it would be cool if we asked people we knew who they'd choose and post it here. It doesn't have to be hero or villian, just comic book characters. Maybe ask.. "Which 10 comic book characters do you think of first?' I'm having a little trouble coming up with a good way to word it.
        Maybe give a very brief description of the person who answered. M27, for example.
        I think this could be a good reference for on here when we think of which comic characters are most well known.

        Current Results...

        Spiderman: 17
        Batman: 15
        Superman: 13
        Wolverine: 9
        Hulk: 8
        Wonder Woman: 7
        The Joker: 6
        Robin: 5
        Catwoman: 4
        Jean Grey: 4
        Storm: 4
        Flash: 4
        Thing: 3
        Captain America: 3
        X-Men: 3
        Batgirl: 3
        Beast: 2
        Cyclops: 2
        Lex Luthor: 2
        Mr. Fantastic: 2
        Dr. Doom: 2
        Green Lantern: 2

        Juggernaut: 1
        Colossus: 1
        Daredevil: 1
        Gwen Stacy: 1
        Mary Jane: 1
        Snoopy: 1
        Charlie Brown: 1
        F4: 1
        Penguin: 1
        Flash Gordon: 1
        Birdman: 1
        He-man: 1
        Popeye: 1
        Green Goblin: 1
        Venom: 1
        Iron Man: 1
        Dennis: 1
        Splinter: 1
        Spiderwoman: 1
        Zorro: 1
        Cloud: 1
        GiJoe: 1
        Invisible Woman: 1
        Human Torch: 1
        Alpha Flight: 1
        Aquaman: 1
        Cerebus: 1
        Hawkgirl: 1
        Power Rangers: 1

        Superman: 6
        Spiderman: 4
        Batman: 2
        Wonder Woman: 2
        Storm: 1
        Captain America: 1
        The Joker: 1
        X-Men: 1


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          Wow, that's a neat little window into the past!

          I guess the difference would be that today they know who the characters are, they just don't know comic books are still being published.


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            That list still isn't that far off! Just add some Avengers in the top 10, and it would be close to the same.


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