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    Hey guys, I used to be a member of Comixtreme circa 2008-10. And I just spent the past 3 days looking for the site again. Fortunately I landed here but long story less long:

    I was talking to a friend a few days ago and I remembered that CX used to do this annual tournament, where we would have to draft characters to compete against each other. It was based on a point system, and each participant had 100 points to build a team with.

    I remember superman for example was worth 100 points etc. and we would have to write strategies on how our team won and our opponent did the same and people would vote on which strategies were best.

    Anyways I was wondering. What happened to that? Is that draft board still available? I wanna show my friend group what I’m talking about and they would love to participate. Is that something that you guys still do?

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    Bankai -

    I do remember you!

    I am sure I have it somewhere. Nah - not much of that going on here. Of course, if people were interested it would be possible, but like the old cX ... this site had some trouble getting off the ground. Perhaps someday!


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