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Well now, this didn't go as planned, now did it?

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  • Well now, this didn't go as planned, now did it?

    Well, it didn't take long for activity here to peter out. Funny how we all had the best intentions, but life STILL managed to get in the way....

    I am not ready to give up on this yet, however. And while the demands on my time are as hectic as ever, I am going to try and adapt and keep this site up and running. The fact is - the internet is a different place today, and we are different people. Rather than throw in the towel, I am just going to adjust.

    So here is where we are:

    1. All of the spam users have been deleted. ALL new member registrations will require approval. Maybe this will change someday, but for now - it is the only surefire spam prevention method.

    2. The site software is fully up-to-date. No more annoying errors.

    3. New articles will still appear on the front page, but I can't promise any regular schedule. That's just life these days!

    Finally - I want to keep this forum open. cX was a strong community, and I want people to have a home to come back to whenever they wish. There will be zero demands from me on the regularity of your visits, but I would love to see you back from time to time. Perhaps eventually we will get a little momentum!

    Do you have a suggestion? I am all ears.

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