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  • Site Feature: Reputation System

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ID:	41If you take a look at the lower right-hand corner of this post, you will see a "Like" button. This is the core feature of the reputation system. If you enjoy an article or a post, or think the poster made a good contribution to a discussion (agree or disagree), feel free to click on that Like button! This will add to their overall site reputation.

    Reputation is displayed on the left-side of posts, beneath a user's avatar. It appears as a status-bar - the more it is filled-in, the higher a user's reputation is!

    To answer the inevitable question - no, there is no downvote or dislike, nor will we be adding one. We want to promote the positive! Sadly, in every instance I have seen it implemented, downvoting is invariably abused, so I don't think there is much reason to add it here. If you don't like something, don't "Like" it - easy as that!

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