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Bring Back Which Show?

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  • Bring Back Which Show?

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    Personally, I enjoyed Inhumans. It had issues, but it had some promise.

    I think they had enough gas to run New Girl for years, but I can understand why they want to move on. Still, I wouldn't mind some more.


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      None of the above -- if I'm rescuing one show from this year's bloodbath, it would be Lucifer. As far removed as it is from the comics, it's got a great cast and it's fun to watch.


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        Lucifer IS on that poll!


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          How the hell did I miss THAT?

          Guys, I'm not going to lie to you, I didn't get enough sleep last night and my brain has about three functional neurons left.


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            I don't know... maybe uncomfortable with "L" being so close to the top of an alphabetized list?

            Needing sleep makes one weak!


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              I didn't realize you could pick more than one. I thought Inhumans was fixable, and overly panned, but if I had to pick one show to save it would be "Last Man On Earth"


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                Originally posted by Craig Reade View Post
                I don't know... maybe uncomfortable with "L" being so close to the top of an alphabetized list?

                Needing sleep makes one weak!
                So does seven days... :-)


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                Off the top of my head, I'd bring back the 2003 iteration of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Skip the "Fast Forward" and "Back to the Sewer" stuff, and get back (somehow) to the heart of the earlier seasons.

                Alternatively, take that visual animation style and the voice cast (where applicable) and adapt the IDW continuity as a new show moving forward. I feel like IDW has managed to take so much from all different versions of the TMNT story and develop a workable, singular continuity that incorporates elements from all.

                I'd also love to see new Highlander: The Series stuff, preferably with Adrian Paul/Duncan MacLeod (or if a recast would be involved, I could see Jason Frank of Power Rangers fame being an interesting Duncan recast).

                Another would be Homicide: Life on the Street. We already got to follow Det. Munch for 15 years post-Baltimore Homicide; but something filling in the gap with the other characters, even with the events of the tv movie.

                Firefly would be another for me; whatever real-world impracticalities.

                On Lucifer, I don't remember if I even finished the second season due to a family health crisis last year, and so I never started the third season (though I think I have it all on the DVR). I haven't read the comics, but found the tv show to be quite good/interesting, and am sad to see the show go. Perhaps it'll find new life in another way; at the LEAST I would hope we'd get some Constantine-like cameos and such rather than it simply cease.

                I'm sure I could think of plenty of others, but that's what I've got for now. (also allowing that Craig doesn't kick me out for my crack above...)


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                  Good news for fans of The Expanse. I don't remember ever even hearing about that show until it was cancelled, then I thought, "sounds interesting, but should I bother watching it since it's apparently been cut short"? Now, maybe I'll give it a chance.


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                    I think I am in exactly the same boat as you. That was always one I meant to check out, but just never got around to. If it was good enough for Amazon to pick it up, maybe it is worth a shot.


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                      I keep hearing lots of good about the show and books of the Expanse. Like GoT I don't know that I will hav enough time in my life to read the full books, but maybe the show!

                      I'd save Last Man on Earth, tentatively... I haven't watched the most recent season and by the end of S3 I seem to recall feeling like they were running out of gas (literally and metaphorically har har) but I'm watching it with my GF now and we could use a little extra!


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                        PS is anybody out there jonesing for another season of The Middle? Wasn't that show on for like 8 years?


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                          I didn't even know the Expanse was based on a book series...


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                            Hell, neither did I. I might read those, actually - new books are always easier to fit in the schedule for me.

                            As far as GoT goes - I think people are better off just watching the show. Not only is he probably never going to finish writing the series, if I am honest - they aren't very good anymore. He is in desperate need of a strong editor as an author.


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