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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Our Philosophy

What is all About? is meant to be a place where we can share our love of all things geek. We are going to talk about the things we love, rather than focusing on the things we think are wrong with “Geek Culture.” Think positivity: if we are passionate about something and think that you may like it too, we are going to share it. Otherwise - we just aren't going to mention it. We want to promote what we love, not what we don't.

Positivity - A New Idea?

The internet made a funny thing happen to fandom: it seems like in every fan-community, most people focus on the negatives. Comic fans like to talk about what is wrong with comics, or what is wrong with a movie about comics. And that isn't just limited to comics. It seems like the internet made people feel pressured to prove how much they knew about the things they enjoyed by pointing out everything that is wrong with it. Fans stopped being fans, and started being critics.

We want to be a sanctuary where people can promote the things they love, share everything great about the forms of entertainment they all enjoy so much. We want to go back to fans being able to be fans!

No Rated Reviews

Reviews are frequently the bread and butter of commentary sites. We are going to try something different - there aren't going to be starred or rated reviews.

The very act of giving something a rating involves attempting to count the things wrong with it, and quantifying how far from perfect it is. If we cover an episode or an issue of something, or talk about a recent film - we are going to tell you why we think it is good. If you see us mention it, we think you will probably like it too. That's really all that matters when it comes down to it! After all, the creators of the things we cover didn't make it for us to pick apart, they made it for us to enjoy. Let their editors tell them how they messed up, we certainly aren't being paid for that!

What About Negativity in the Forums?

Our mission here is positivity, so when it comes to the articles that are featured on the site - we can promise that they will be positive. As you saw before - if we don't like it, we aren't going to talk about it. We think it is time to put the spotlight back on things we think are worthy of attention because they are great - not because we hate them.

When it comes to the discussion boards, member blogs, and private user groups - we aren't going to be so demanding about this standard. We are trying to build a culture on the forums here that fits with that vision, and hope that our frequent visitors will help build that culture of positivity in their posts. After all, we hope that you are here for the same reasons we are, to talk about what you love. There are a million other places online you can talk about the bad in what you enjoy - Facebook and Reddit is loaded with it. Here, we are going for something different. We hope the culture here becomes something where you would rather talk about what you enjoy, and save the negativity for somewhere else!

No Religion or Politics

While we aren't going to be very restrictive about what you can post on the site, and rely on the culture of the users to enforce a positive feel - there is one rule we have to insist upon - no posting about Religion or Politics.

These two topics are probably the most divisive humankind has ever created, and frankly - we don't want to have that here. So no posting about political issues, no religious debates, and definitely no going after other users because you figured out their politics don't line up with what you think is right.

There is one exception to this. If a Contributor posts about something that touches on either of these issues, you can respectfully comment - agree or disagree. Be aware that moderators will be monitoring all such discussions with extreme scrutiny, to make sure things don't get out of hand. So please, if you elect to respond to an article discussing religion, politics, or anything else for that matter - please do so responsibly!

Probably No Porn Either

Let's just work off of the assumption that general decency rules apply. There are enough places to get porn online, you don't need us for that.

A possible exception to this are humorous explorations of Rule 34 - but don't push it.

Why post here, when I can post on Reddit or my Facebook wall?

Before either of these were a thing, the web was alive with community forums of all sorts. Sadly, as Facebook became more popular, people just started posting there, and many of those community forums died away.

Something was lost, however. Sure, almost everyone you know has a Facebook account, but if you post it there - how are you meeting new people with the same interests as you? Your circle will always remain the same size. And everyone you have friended on Facebook isn't necessarily interested in everything you are.

Reddit has the opposite problem. When you have thousands of people posting on a topic, you get a lot of different perspectives - but your voice is lost in the torrent. isn't trying to replace any of those sites - heck, we'll probably be posting on them too. We just feel that we provide something that both (and others like them) are lacking.