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  • commented on Chess
    I know, right? Why not just call it “educational activities?” All they’re leaving out is history and PE, right?
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  • danahammer
    replied to What are you reading?
    I’m currently reading Rosemary’s Baby, the 50th anniversary edition. I feel like I should have read it ages ago, but I’m just now getting around...
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  • commented on Chess
    Yeah, so far she’s having a lot of fun with it, and checkers too. Maybe we can get Robby to play Nadia someday.
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  • Chess


    So I’ve always wanted to be one of those chess people. You know, you’ve seen them in the movies. The unassuming girl who everyone underestimates, but she sits down at the chess table and demolishes the most genius-y of the geniuses there. I want to be crafty. I want to be impressive. I want to be the owner of that goddamn board.

    But I’ve never learned how to play, mostly because I’m afraid I would be none of those things. Because from what I understand, chess takes patience and attention to detail — not my strong suits. I’ve never wanted to embarrass myself.

    Recently, my husband and I took our four year old daughter to a STEAM festival in Costa Mesa. It was a pretty cool event, with robotics and science experiments and craft projects and violinists.

    There was also a chess table.

    You already know where this is going, but bear with me.

    My daughter saw the giant chess board and was immediately enchanted. She sat...
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