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  • Three Courses: The Daleks

    Three Courses: The Daleks

    The concept of pairing works for more than just food and wine. While you can enjoy something individually, sometimes when you consume it with something else complementary it becomes so much better.

    The same is true for entertainment. Sometimes when you mix and match a few different things, they bring something out in one another that allows you to enjoy them even more collectively than you would have individually.

    With that in mind, I’d like to start you out today on Three Courses - with The Daleks.

    Exterminate! The iconic battle-cry of the Daleks has defined the race of aliens in good ways and in bad. To newer fans of Doctor Who, the Daleks are simply a race of beings who think themselves superior to all other forms of life in the universe, who also want to exterminate those other forms of life. That characterization isn’t wrong, but the culture of the Daleks is a little more nuanced than that. Unfortunately, the format of the current Doctor...
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  • Craig Reade
    started a topic Big Finish Sale on 8th Doctor

    Big Finish Sale on 8th Doctor

    I know there are some Doctor Who fans who haven't had the opportunity to give Big Finish a try. This is a good opportunity. Even if you never watched...
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  • Craig Reade
    started a topic River Song vs. the 4 Masters

    River Song vs. the 4 Masters

    I am sad this topic doesn't fit into any category!

    Big Finish announced today that the 5th installment of the Diary of River Song will feature...
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