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  • The Man of Steel (2018) #1: A New Era Begins

    The Man of Steel (2018) #1: A New Era Begins

    The Man of Steel (2018) #1 (DC Comics)
    By Brian Michael Bendis, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Jay Fabok, Alex Sinclair, Cory Petit, Jessica Chen, Michael Cotton, Brian Cunningham)

    Well, some 6 weeks after Action Comics #1000, and four weeks after DC Nation #0, we finally have a new, actual Superman comic. And in many ways, THE new Superman comic. (Sure, there was the Action Comics Special and the Superman Special...but as those seem to have been granted as ways to wrap up the individual runs of the prior creative teams without messing up the numbering for how DC wanted to start Bendis' stuff, those don't exactly count for me.) So...some weeks later, here we are...with the first issue proper of "The Bendis Era" on Superman.

    First off, there's the cover. It's a bit generic to me--not a bad visual, and I believe this is part of a multi-part image that'll span the 6 issues of this weekly mini. I have a bit of a problem with it, though, as it shows Superman...
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  • The Adventures of Superdad

    The Adventures of Superdad

    After a prologue in Action Comics #1000right

    Superman #50, in which Clark Kent proposed to Lois Lane. So you see, while fifty years of comic...
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