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  • Craig Reade
    started a topic Thank you notes

    Thank you notes

    I struggled with where to put this, but since it kind of fit with the theme of the site in general, I decided here was a good spot.

    I started...
    Far be it from me to tell anyone that they should refrain from criticism—being critical, professionally, is how I keep the lights on. However, I am often struck by how easy it is for many people to confuse plain old negativity for constructive criticism.
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  • Memories on the World of Magic: The Gathering

    Memories on the World of Magic: The Gathering

    Revised ("3rd") Edition. I'd missed Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, and The DarkFallen Empires.

    I was there for the arrival of 4th Edition, and the first new expansion I was there for was Ice Age. Shortly after, we got Chronicles, and I remember that the card I most wanted from that set was Chromium--the Elder Dragon. (Which I got in my first purchase of several boosters!) Those gave way to Homelands, which was the first/only set I ever got to get an entire booster box--I remember getting that as a Christmas present that year.

    I remember the release of Alliances, and MirageVisions and then even WeatherlightAlliances, and I think only a "starter deck" and a couple boosters of Mirage. (After...
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