Appetizer: Dalek Empire

4-Part Audio Story, 2001
Published by: Big Finish Productions
Written & Directed by: Nicholas Briggs
Starring: Sarah Mowat, Mark McDonnell, Gareth Thomas, and Teresa Gallagher

This four-part audio drama released by Big Finish in 2001 is set in the 42nd century, when the Daleks invade and conquer most of the Milky Way galaxy. The story follows Susan (Suz) Mendes, who was captured by the Daleks and used to increase productivity of their human slaves throughout their empire. Suz, in secret, plotted to overthrow the Daleks with the help of KalendorfAlby Brookno Doctor. The humans are on their own this time, It isn't the first time they have been conquered by the Daleks (as we will discuss later), but without the Doctor to help bail them out, things are going to get messy.

Dalek EmpireWhere to Purchase

Dalek Empire 1.1 - Invasion of the Daleks: $5.00
Dalek Empire 1.2 - The Human Factor: $5.00
Dalek Empire 1.3 - Death to the Daleks!: $5.00
Dalek Empire 1.4 - Project Infinity: $5.00

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