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  • The Book is NOT Better: A Series of Unfortunate Events

    The Book is NOT Better: A Series of Unfortunate Events

    A friend and fellow teacher at my school has a sign in her room that reads “The book is ALWAYS better.” It’s an amusing sign that speaks volumes about her personality, and her former students often quote it when they enter my classroom a year later. However, as much fun as it is, I don’t think that sign is accurate. Oh, to be sure, the book is USUALLY better. But the sign doesn’t say “usually,” it says “always,” a word which here means “in perpetuity and without exception throughout the universe.” The problem with an absolute statement such as this one is that even a single exception can invalidate it. The film version of Jaws, compared to the original novel, is more taught, has greater suspense, and does away with that rubbish subplot about Hooper having an affair with Brody’s wife. The ending of the film The Mist concludes things with a tone so bleak and hopeless that Stephen King even said he’d wished he thought of it himself. And having finally binged the third and final season of...
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  • Three Wishes: The Toys That Made Us

    Three Wishes: The Toys That Made Us

    The best reason to subscribe to Netflix these days isn’t Orange is the New Black or Arrested Development. Heck, it’s not even Bright. The shining jewel in the streaming service’s crown is The Toys That Made Us, a documentary series that looks into the history and impact of some of the most popular toy lines of all time. With a lighthearted tone, the series dives into things that the viewer grew up with, chock full of interviews with the people who conceived the toys, creators who made the TV and comic book tie-ins, and supercollectors. Plus, you get all the classic toy commercials you grew up with.

    The eight episodes, to date, have explored the worlds of Star Wars, Barbie, He-Man, G.I. Joe, Star Trek, TransFormers, LEGO, and Hello Kitty. That’s a ton of toyetic goodness. But if you’re like any other human being, you probably read that list and immediately asked, “Hey, what about…” and then filled in whatever your own favorite toy line is.That’s natural, there are...
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  • Blake M. Petit
    started a topic The Toys That Made Us

    The Toys That Made Us

    I'm so happy this show is back, and even more happy that they've been picked up for another season!

    We just watched the Star Trek episode,...
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  • Blake M. Petit
    started a topic Locke and Key and Netflix

    Locke and Key and Netflix

    One of my all-time favorite horror comics. I hope Netflix does justice to the story.
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  • Arrested Development Season 4 Remix

    Mitch Hurwitz just announced that, in addition to Season 5 of Arrested Development hitting Netflix "very soon," on Friday they're going to release...
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