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  • Quantum and Woody #6: A Crossover Chapter Done Right

    Quantum and Woody #6: A Crossover Chapter Done Right

    Quantum and Woody #6 (Valiant Entertainment)
    By Eliot Rahahl, Francis Portela, Andrew Dalhouse, Dave Sharpe & Ariel Olivetti

    Quantum and Woody is one of Valiant’s more consistently entertaining properties, and that usually can be attributed to the light humor the writers mix in with the superhero drama. The basic premise of the book, however, is one that often leads to repetition: a pair of adopted brothers who must “clang” their respective quantum control bands together every 24 hours or risk evaporating into energy. Since the basic concept is that they have to stay together to survive, the most obvious and frequent way to create conflict in the book is to have them butt heads. It works, sure, but it can get old if it’s done too often.

    This Harbinger Wars 2 crossover issue not only avoids that trope, but it also shows how a good crossover chapter is done. The events of the main book have resulted in a nationwide blackout, which also has caused Quantum...
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  • The Cure For Fatigue

    The Cure For Fatigue

    ​Blame James Cameron for this one.

    Recently, the director of Aliens and Titanic has expressed some… shall we say “disappointment” about the proliferation of superhero movies. The man who is working on a Terminator reboot and four new Avatar sequels was famously quoted as saying “there are other stories to tell,” when speaking about the success of Marvel’s Avengers franchise. The man who helped make Arnold Schwarzenegger a megastar and who once almost made a Spider-Man movie went on to bemoan “hyper-gonadal movies about males without families.”

    I’m picking on Cameron a little here, I know, but that’s because he’s the most famous name that has jumped onto this particular bandwagon. He is by no means the first one. Lots of people have talked about “superhero fatigue” setting in, and with so many films in the genre coming out each year, it’s not an unreasonable concern. Marvel Studios is the juggernaut, but let’s not forget Fox’s X-Men franchise (which...
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